Finally a Proof #TheDress - Designer Confirms Color

The debate of who needs to get glasses is over….#teamWhiteAndGold loses to #teamBlueAndBlack as the owners of the dress came out on an interview to clarify that the dress is indeed Blue and Black. Sheyge Jagwa….I still see the dress as white and gold. Shikena. 

The photo of the controversial frock (dubbed #TheDress on social media) went around the Internet Thursday night and Friday morning, polarizing viewers into two categories: those who saw it as white and gold and those who saw it as black and blue. 

However the lady who posted the image online yesterday is throwing out her apologies for confusing a good part of the world (me inclusive…still not giving up the debate tho).

“I’d like to say ‘I’m sorry’ to half the world and I’d like to say ‘have a good time arguing with your family’ to the rest of the world,” said Caitlin McNeill on Friday.

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